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Dream Trip Outwest 2005

June 24 – July 3, 2005

I loved this trip, I bought many hotel rooms a year in advance and took $600 cash and brought a friend to help cover the cost. Came back broke. What is a bummer is my camera died 3 days before the trip so I bought a 6 mp digital camera which hurt my overall budget but in my case I go on trips for photography. This was probably the first trip I did that I did an itinerary.

                                                    [Weather & Itinerary]                   


Beale St. in Memphis


Trip Summary:

Est. Distance & Time: 4,220 miles – 9 days, 7 hours

Est. Driving Time: 3 Days 1 hour

Est. Gas: $393 approx. @ 2.19 per gal round trip

Est. Lodging $369.00

Est. Meals $330.00 ($165.00 ea).

Est. Miscellaneous Cost: $200 ($100 ea)

Total Cost: $1,292


Day # 1 Friday | June 24
Nashville – Memphis  [ 205.2 miles / 3 hour drive time ]

5:45pm Leave Apartment


Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial Jesus Wipe Statue

9:15pm Beale St for sightseeing


Day # 2 Saturday | June 25

Memphis – Oklahoma City [ 468.6 miles / 7 hour drive time ]

8:00am Leave to go sightseeing – Rock & Soul Museum ($8.50 ea.)

11:00am Leave Memphis

6:30pm arrive Life Church in OKC

8:30pm Sightsee with Tommy


Day # 3 Sunday | June 26

Oklahoma City – Denver [ 681.3 miles / 10 hour drive time ]

10:00am Go to Northview Community Church (8921 NW Express Way)

12:30pm Go to Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial

2:30pm Leave OKC for Denver

1:00am Arrive in Denver


Day # 4 Monday | June 27

Downtown Jackson, WY

Downtown Jackson, WY


Denver – Dubois [ 474.1 miles / 8 hour drive time ] 

9:30am Sightsee Around Denver

12:00pm Leave for Dubois

8:30pm Arrive in Dubois


Day # 5 Tuesday | June 28

Dubois – Grand Teton NP – Jackson [ 296.4 miles / 9 1/2 hour drive time ]

7:00am Depart Dubois

8:30am Arrive Teton NP, reserve camp spot  $20.00 admission to park

11:00am Leave for Jackson

11:30am Arrive in Jackson

2:30pm Depart Jackson

6:00pm Arrive Three Waters Mountain

6:30pm Depart Three Waters Mountain to come back to Teton NP

Oxbow Bend, Grand Teton

Oxbow Bend, Grand Teton

11:00pm Arrive Back in Teton NP


Day # 6 Wednesday | June 29


Grand Teton – Yellowstone NP [ 105.5 miles / 2 1/2 hour drive time ]

5:45am Arrive at Moose Visitor Center for Raft Trip

8:30am Raft trip ends and sightsee

12:00pm Leave Teton NP to Yellowstone

2:00pm Arrive in Yellowstone, reserve camp, sightsee on lower



Day # 7 Thursday | June 30

Yellowstone NP

All day sightsee with a focus on the upper loop

Bison in Yellowstone

Bison in Yellowstone


Day # 8 Friday | July 1

Yellowstone NP – Mount Rushmore [ 506.7 miles / 9 hour drive time ] 


10:00am Depart Yellowstone for Cody

12:00pm Arrive in Cody

1:00pm Depart Cody for MountRushmore

7:00 pm Arrive at Mount Rushmore hotel


Day # 9 Saturday | July 2

Mount Rushmore – Badlands NP – Kansas City  [ 746.4 miles / 12 1/2 hour drive time ]

8:00 leave for Mount Rushmore

9:30am arrive at Mount Rushmore

10:30 leave Mount Rushmore

1:00 pm Arrive Badlands NP

2:30 pm Leave Badlands NP for Kansas City

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

1:30am Arrive in Kansas City



Day # 10 Sunday | July 3

Kansas City – L-Bar-C camp – Gateway Arch  [ 677.5 miles / 10 1/2 hour drive time ]

8:30am Depart Kansas City for L-Bar-C

9:30am Arrive at L-Bar-C

11:30am Depart L-Bar-C for St. Louis

4:00pm Arrive at the Gateway Arch

7:00pm Depart Gateway Arch for Nashville

Midnight Arrive in Nashville




Gateway Arch in St. Louis

Gateway Arch in St. Louis

[Check list]

  • car stuff (itinerary book & maps, flashlight, AAA card, emergency car repair kit, pocket knife, sunglasses)
  • CD player, laptop, cell phone & charger, AC/DC adapter & CDs
  • miscellaneous (umbrella, pens, paper, notebook, post-its)
  • beach chairs
  • phone cards & list of phone numbers
  • camera supplies (digital camera & smart media disks)
  • towels (beach towel, bath towels & grungy towels for spills, the car, etc.)
  • roll of quarters (laundromat, car vacuum, phone, toll bridges/highways, etc.)
  • laundromat items (detergent, fabric softeners, laundry bag)
  • medicine cabinet (first aid kit, bug spray, cough syrup, aspirin, vitamins, sunscreen)
  • bed stuff: (pillow, sheet set, blankets, alarm clock)
  • bath stuff (shampoo, conditioner, soap, razor & blades, shaving cream, deodorant, mouthwash, q-tips, roll of toilet paper, box of kleenex, ziploc bags, plastic bags, hand lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.)
  • Food stuff (Goober, bread, turkey breast, cheese, hot dogs, hamburger, two cases of water, cooler, bottle opener, knife, aluminum foil, cups and spoons, etc )
  • camping stuff (tent, screen tent, air mattress, pump, firewood, lighter/matches, newspaper)


Microsoft Streets & Trips Screen Shot

Microsoft Streets & Trips Screen Shot