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Solo Female Travels of Tabitha Hawk

Photographer. Traveler. Storm Chaser. Ghost Hunter.
My Travel Highlights Tabitha’s Favorite Places

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I’m a solo female traveler whose soul is consumed with wanderlust. To abandon fear of the unknown and explore. Though my world travel may be small now. I am only getting warmed up. There is a big world and my camera and I hope to capture what I can. I’m so glad you found me. I’m Tabitha, Ohio born and raised and then moved at 19 to Nashville, TN.

I own a tech business. I love to travel and wanted an outlet from the stress and even growing up I was fascinated by maps, often creating future trip plans around the country so as I was able to afford to travel, my trips have exploded.  Being an introvert, nature and more specifically Mountains have been therapy for the soul. I have lots of interests like storm chasing, the paranormal, famous graves, astronomy, botany, pretty much if it involves the earth, it is interesting to me.

Goals would be to travel full-time or at least for a few years. To see what living as a nomad would be like. I could see myself living in Colorado or Oregon with nature opportunities nearby. For now, I do a trip roughly every 3 months from Spring to October and work the busy season at the HQ in Nashville.


Travel Stats

Over the rivers, to the oceans, in the cities, the mountains. Despite everything I’ve seen, there seems to be much more left to see. It is what makes travel so much fun, so hard to see it all but I give it a solid try. I can’t wait to go to Europe someday. 


Canadian Provinces


National Parks Sites out of 423

Travel Gallery

Some of my favorite photos I’ve taken from my recent travels.

Travel Highlights

Extreme / Interesting Geographical Points

Take the ultimate road trip and see less known areas like the far corners and extreme points of the United States such as the northernmost, as well as the center and other interesting points of the United States and North America. 

Offbeat, Unusual and Unique Roadside Attractions

Less sought out destinations that I find interesting like interesting town names, headquarters of large companies, headwaters / confluence of major rivers, Continental Divides, major historical spots, and World’s largest…

50 State Welcome Road Signs & Canadian Province Signs

All 50 State Welcome Road Signs & Canadian Province Signs.

Tristate Markers, State High Point, State Corners

There are sixty-one places where three states come together at a common point, and I’ve been to many. Each state has a high point and I’ve been to some of them as well. I also included some interesting state corners and the geographical center of some states. 

Famous & Infamous Gravesites

From names like Lucille Ball, Walt Disney, Mark Twain, Elvis, to country singers like Johnny Cash, George Jones to inventors like the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, historical figures like Samuel Adams, Alexander Hamilton to infamous people like Jesse James, Wild Bill and many, many more. They lived extraordinary lives and I often find no one is around their final resting spots.

Storm Chasing

When most sane people go indoors, us storm chasers will drive thousands of miles in hopes of seeing a tornado or at least a good storm. Here is an intro into storm chasing. 

Paranormal and Haunted Locations - East Coast

Here are photos of the most haunted places in America I have visited on the East Coast.

Paranormal and Haunted Locations - West Coast

Here are photos of the most haunted places in America I have visited on the West Coast.

President Gravesites

All 39 President Gravesites photos and the location.

End of the Year Reviews

2023 Trips in Review

2023 Trips in Review

2023 Trips in ReviewI visited 37 states this year and got many new updated state signs as well as Capital photos. I visited 107 national parks and continued my Priceline VIP Platinum with 56 hotel rooms and car rentals in 2023. I ended up taking 15 flights...

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2022 Trips in Review

2022 Trips in Review

2022 Trips in Review I visited 26 states and Yukon being the only Canadian province in 2022. I could add Maryland if you consider my transfer at BWI airport. I would say 2022 was an average travel year. My favorite trip in 2022 was back to Alaska where I...

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2021 Trips in Review

2021 Trips in Review

2021 Trips in Review I visited 37 states plus D.C. and 2 Canadian provinces in 2021 which is above average for me. My favorite trip was Glacier National Park then Canada to my favorite place in the world Banff National park and the Icefields Parkway up to...

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2020 Trips in Review

2020 Trips in Review

2020 Trips in Review24 states in 2020, I’m at 49 state capitol buildings, just missing Louisiana. It should go without saying that 2020 was no average year and it did play a role in my traveling especially in how long I could travel. The longest was 5 days and many...

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Tabitha’s Favorite Places

Beautiful places are everywhere but here are my favs.

1. Banff & Jasper National Parks

Located in Alberta, an easy drive from Calgary to Banff. You can drive the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The Icefields Parkway is truly one of the most scenic drives you can do. You can drive by numerous blue mountain lakes and even glaciers.  Moraine Lake is a must see, Lake Louise is very popular. Take a boat tour on Maligne Lake to Spirit Island. Being so far north the sunsets after 10pm and rises very early in June.

2. Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Park

Geysers like Old Faithful, hot springs, beautiful waterfalls like Grand Cayong of Yellowstone and mountain scenes. My favorite place in America to go. I’ve been there 5 times. Morman row in Grand Teton gives you lots of photographic material. There are lots of wildlife to see.

3. New England in the Fall

A postcard view everywhere. Truly a must see at least once in Fall. My itineraries show more specifics but some great places are Maine with Acadia National Park and Baxter State Park. New Hampshire with the White Mountains and Mount Washington and Vermont with the Green Mountains and Jenne farm near Reading.

4. Yosemite National Park

Beautiful views, I’ve been there 3 times so far. The most memorable experience was the “Firefalls” for a few weeks in February the sun sets at the right angle off El Capitan to make horsetail falls glow like lava for a few minutes. Hundreds of photographers come for this optical illusion every year.

5. Fairbanks, Alaska

All of Alaska is beautiful but if you fly into Fairbanks then check out Denali National Park and Preserve. Take a trip up the Dalton Highway aka Ice Road Trucker road towards the Arctic Circle. Very beautiful drive. Though I haven’t photographed the Northern Lights, it sounds like Fairbanks is the place to be to see them. 

6. Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio

Part of  the reason it is my favorite place is I grew up going there so it holds sentimental value. Beyond memory lane, it is a beautiful place. Old Man’s Cave and its upper and lower falls. Cedar Falls and Ash Cave are great places to check out. You have Rock House and Conkles Hollow and Rockbridge Natural Bridge. All fairly close to each other. I like camping at Hocking Hills State Park and spending at least 2 days hiking and taking photos. 

The Natural “Firefall” aka Horsetail Fall in Yosemite National Park


Peyto Lake at Sunset – Banff National Park

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