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Oak Hill Cemetery, Evansville

Edward Mead Johnson – 37.982398, -87.539621

Charles Harvey Denby

John Watson Foster


Nashville, IL          

Masonic Cemetery – Nashville         Block 19, Lot 31

Charles Houghtaling


Garden of the Gods  – Shawnee National forest 37.604704, -88.384541


Carlyle Cemetery

Gen Elias Smith Dennis 38.616580, -89.360516


Mississippi River Overlook


Lewis and Clark State Historic Site 1 Lewis and Clark Trail, Hartford, IL 62048


Lewis And Clark Confluence Tower 435 Confluence Tower Dr, Hartford, IL 62048  Missouri and Mississippi


Also go to 38.819235, -90.119825


Bellefontaine’s visiting hours are 8 a.m. through 4:30 p.m.

Francis Preston Blair Jr.  38.6906509,-90.2338333

Thomas Hart Benton

Dr. William Beaumont

Virginia L. Minor – Suffragette

Robert Campbell

Samuel Hawken – Gunsmith

Joseph Charless  Also buried here are members of the Blow family, the first and last owners of the slave Dred Scott, whose freedom was denied by the United States Supreme Court in the landmark decision of 1857, after prolonged litigation. Four months before Scott’s death, in 1858, he was granted his freedom by Taylor Blow.


Captain James B. Eads


Henry T. & Susan Blow

Captain William Clark 38.6985000,-90.2296000

Phoebe Couzins – Women’s rights pioneer and first female U.S. Marshal

Edward Bates  – Lincoln Attorney General


Mason/Buell  Don Carlos Buell 38.6949806,-90.2287903 

Hamilton Gamble

Andrew Jackson Smith

George R. Taylor

Robert S. Brookings

David R. Francis Politician/1904 World’s Fair

Wainwright Tomb

Lewis Sullivan Designed tomb

Charles S. Hills

Tallest Obelisk

Edward Mallinckrodt  Scientists and entrepreneurs

Henry Clay Pierce  Entrepreneur

Westlake Memorial  Sarcophagus in Open Tomb

Herman C. Luyties  Drug Store Owner

Major Albert Lambert – Aviator/Lindberg Financier George Lea Lambert  0 entire lambert family

Edna Gellhorn – Civil rights activist

Irma Rombauer – Author

William S. Burroughs – Inventor & Author

Eliza Haycraft – Proprietor and philanthropist


End of road tour

Individual graves        Block 25, Lot 990 Block 50, Lot 191              Block 50, Lot 169

Sterling Price Civil War Confederate Major General,

Thomas Clement Fletcher Block 161, Lot 2772 38.6902334,-90.2296375

Maybe – John Lumsden French         Block 4, Lot 4077           Block 169, Lot 2555    Block 29, Lot 5217       Block 269, Lot 126/135

John Pope  union major general 38.6936302,-90.2296982  near the bush mausoleum

John Francis Queeny  – founder of Monsanto                Block 280, Lot 5741




Calvary Cemetery and Mausoleum


Phyllis Schlafly 38.6991386,-90.2346802

 Thomas Biddle    Section 12, Biddle Mausoleum

Section 23 John Wesley Turner

Auguste Chouteau 38.7019386,-90.2308044

William Tecumseh Sherman Gravesite

Dred scott


The Gateway Arch


Lemp Mansion 3322 Demenil Pl, St. Louis, MO 63118

Lemp Brewery, 1820 Cherokee St, St. Louis, MO 63118


Texas De Brazil – St Louis

1137 St Louis Galleria Street, Richmond Heights, MO 63117





On way home, cario, IL Mayfield monuments