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2020 Trips in Review

24 states in 2020, I’m at 49 state capitol buildings, just missing Louisiana. It should go without saying that 2020 was no average year and it did play a role in my traveling especially in how long I could travel. The longest was 5 days and many were weekend warriors style or one night trips. I was able to travel and do it safely in a pandemic. Since I always avoid crowds and tend to do more introverted things like Mountains, famous grave hunting, and general nature photography, not much of my travel style changed other than wearing a mask and sanitizer and less eating inside restaurants.

January 2020

I came home on January 1st from Florida. At the end of January, I flew to California and Denver. In Denver was the last storm chasing convention chasercon. This happened only about a month before the pandemic caused shutdowns.

April 2020

I did short day trips to Smoky Mountains, Knoxville and Chattanooga to fly the drone and get photos of places that normally would have a ton of people there.

June 2020

I flew to Omaha, Nebraska to go storm chase in South Dakota. I visited many famous graves, Badlands National Park, Wall Drug. I saw some cool clouds and lots of intense wind.

July 2020

I flew to Portland, Oregon and drove to the capital of Washington and then drove to see scenic parts of Oregon like Mt Hood, Crater Lake National Park, Reno, Nevada, Lake Tahoe California and then drove up US 101 up from San Francisco back to the top of Oregon. Redwood National park area was amazing. I got to drive through a Redwood tree. In Samoa California, I photographed Comet Neowise. I have driven most of the Pacific coast highway all the way up and down. Seeing this part of the country was really amazing. Mountains meet the Pacific coast. I would do it again for sure.

September 2020

I drove to Ohio to see some friends and family. This was the riskiest trip of the year for Covid. I also got some fall color in as well.

October 2020

I flew to Detroit and drove all around Michigan and drove over Mackinaw Bridge to the upper peninsula. It was a fun trip.


I did a famous grave trip to Georgia, South Carolina, and then did a scenic drive by in Smokies both North Carolina and Tennessee side for late fall photos.

I also did a trip to St. Louis and ate at Patti’s 1880 settlement for the third time this year in Land Between the Lakes.

December 2020

I visited Savannah and St. Simmons Island Georgia for a ghost hunt and famous graves.